Australia (version 2)
Founded: 1 January 1901
Flag Proportion: 1:2
Proposed Use: State, Civil and Military Flag
This design represents Australia's place as a peaceful and prosperous nation of the 21st century, its cultural heritage and reconciliation between our indigenous and non-indigenous peoples, and its ever-bright future.

Broadly, this design has been inspired by the bicolour "Australian pale" (used in the non-Ensign flags of the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory).

Version 1 of the Australian Flag has been warmly received, but has also drawn comment that it appears divided rather than united. It is also geometrically "difficult" although many view it as "energetic". This design overcomes these issues and presents a "cleaner" design.

Together, the red, white and blue indicate Australia's historical links with the United Kingdom and the black, gold and red its indigenous heritage. The line of dots, reminiscent of much indigenous art, represents a coming together of all our cultures in peace and equality. Blue and Gold also represent Australia's heraldic colours, taken from the torse of Australia's Coat of Arms.

The ever-popular Southern Cross, an iconic symbol of Australia, is reproduced in the same form as it appears on the current Australian flag to provide continuity. The seven-pointed Commonwealth Star, symbolising Australia's Federation, takes the place of honour in the canton as the forge of the Australian nation.

Flag design © 1997 Brendan Jones

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