Founded: 1 July 1851 (5th colony)
Flag Proportion: 1:2
Proposed Use: State and Civil Flag
The flag of Victoria incorporates the state's heraldic colours. Its design is based upon the bicolour "Australian pale" used in the flags of the Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory.

The Victorian heraldic colours of blue and white form the bicolour. In the fly appears an inverted blue equilateral triangle with the upper edge charged by an eight-pointed star. The triangle and star form the shape of a 'V' for Victoria. The eight-pointed star is taken from the Eureka flag, representing Victoria's goldfield heritage.

The southern cross appears in the hoist in the same form as on the current Victorian flag, with stars ranging from five to eight points. The southern cross at the hoist represents Victoria's status as an Australian state.

Blue and white have also been informally adopted as the colours of representative sporting teams from Victoria and are also the colours of the Eureka flag.

Flag design © 2001 Brendan Jones

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