Australian Capital Territory
 Australian Capital Territory
Founded: 1 January 1911
Flag Proportion: 1:2
Flag Adopted: 25 March 1993
Flag Use: State and Civil Flag
The Australian Capital Territory attained self-government on 4 March 1989 and adopted the flag shown above on 25 March 1993.

The flag was designed by Ivo Ostyn and follows the precedent set by the non-Ensign based design of the Northern Territory flag. The ACT flag uses Canberra's city colours of blue and gold to represent the territory, and the southern cross in the hoist symbolises ACT's status as a part of the Australian nation.

In the centre of the gold fly is a modified form of the arms of the City of Canberra, showing two native swans supporting a shield showing a castle surmounted by a mace and sword.

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