New South Wales

Images of the new NSW flag

Sydney Morning Herald

Editorial  An earlier version of this NSW flag design was given extensive coverage in the media courtesy of Ausflag.

The article above (Sydney Morning Herald, 22 November 1996, p.5.) launched the design, and it was followed up by a Saturday editorial endorsing a new flag for NSW (Sydney Morning Herald, 23 November 1996, p.44.).

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The press coverage above was supported by television reports on the news that night.

Channel 10

Channel 10 News, 22 November 1996

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ABC News, 22 November 1996

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You'll need Apple's free Quicktime player or web-browser plug-in to watch it (available for both Macintosh and PC). Video courtesy Channel 10 and ABC TV.

William St

In addition to the media coverage, the proposed NSW flag designs were publicly flown in William St, Sydney, from 22 November 1996 for a period of eight weeks.

Cricket - North Sydney Oval  Cricket - North Sydney Oval

Barracking for the Blues at North Sydney Oval, 26 October 1997. I hung the new NSW flag up on the fence at the southern end of the ground - and the flag got a good response! There was no mistaking which team this flag supported! NSW (9/275) defeated Victoria (238) by 37 runs in a fairly comfortable victory, despite Darren Berry giving NSW a scare by smashing 64 runs (not out) off only 39 balls towards the end.


And finally the earlier version of this flag design appears at the Ausflag web site "A new Flag for NSW".

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